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Apple iPad 2 available in store from 5pm*

Well, that's certainly true in the United States of the Americas. Elsewhere in the world, we may need to wait a little longer. The eagerly awaited product is finally here, so KitGuru decided to look at the hype a little.

When Steve Jobs got off his hospital bed at the start of March, and announced that iPad 2 was ready, 3 times thinner and 9x faster – Apple's share price shot up like an eager junkie.

Looking at Apple's latest email shot, it quickly becomes clear that this will be a staggered launch.

Apple iPad 2: All the colours of the rainbow - but the sales page offers just black and white

While there are multiple options on the advert, when you go to order the choices disappear quite quickly.

That said, Apple enthusiasts keen to be ‘first among their friends' will still slap their $600 down this afternoon – and spend the next few weeks feeling ‘ever so slightly superior' to all of the iPad 1 users around them.

Owning an original iPad will now feel like the ultimate let down. You're the person who bought that great new Mercedes – unaware that a facelift model was waiting in the wings – and now you have to drive around for 2 years in it, while onlookers feel that you're not doing as well as you used to, not looking quite so slim/tall/rich.

For those who are uncertain what benefits 3G and more RAM bring - Apple's made it easy

KitGuru says: While the surge of money moves towards iPad 2 this afternoon, warehousing outfits across the globe might be wondering what to do with the ‘hideously out of date'  iPad originals that are now clogging up the logistical arteries that they once helped cleanse. We'll bring you our own personal insight into the benefits of the iPad 2 shortly.

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