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IDC claim that Windows Phone will surpass iOS by 2015

Microsoft haven’t had the best launch for their latest Windows Phone 7 operating system, but they might take some comfort that the latest IDC WorldWide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report indicates that they could surpass Apple’s iOS platform by 2015.

IDC are making predictions that Android will have 43.8 percent of the market in 2015 followed by Windows Phone at 20.3 percent. Apple’s iOS is going to drop to 16.9 percent. This report might be a surprise for many people who feel that Microsoft are really struggling in the mobile sector, with even their latest Windows Phone 7 platform struggling to gain any kind of serious momentum.

At the end of 2011, IDC are saying that Android will have the highest market share at 38.9 percent with Nokia’s Symbian at 20.6 percent, then iOS at 18.2 percent. Nokia obviously are not putting any weight behind Symbian anymore and the current position is simply due to Nokia’s reputation and strong user base, especially in Europe. Nokia are commiting to supporting Symbian devices until 2016, but after that, its over.

With Nokia moving to Windows Phone now for its future needs, IDC are clearly planning ahead to a user ‘switch over’ to the Microsoft operating system. We feel it might not be that clear cut however. Nokia are a very troubled company right now and their stock prices have dropped significantly in recent months. Microsoft have also yet to prove themselves in the mobile market

IDC claim that 1 billion smartphones will ship in 2015 which is more than double the estimated figures due to ship this year. Google are facing some tough times also, even though their growth is strong, they are currently dealing with legal issues relating to Android software patents which could damage them long term.

KitGuru says: Android to dominate and Microsoft to catch up?

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