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New portable charger can do an iPhone 3 times over

In the high-speed, broadband-enabled modern world, it can be incredibly frustrating to run out of juice on your phone. While smartphones do add in features – we pay for those features in electrons. So what can you do to prevent the urge to kill someone/thing when the red bar shows? Thermaltake has a new solution on the way – and it claims to be ‘packing big and bad’ amps.

For Blackberry and Samsung users, you can buy a pair of spare (non-original) batteries and a multi-national charger for less than the cost of half a tank of petrol.

It’s a cool solution to an age old problem – What do I do when I need to carry on working/talking/surfing for dodgy content, but my battery gives out.

Less cool is the fact that Apple and Nokia 920 phones come with built in batteries – so the ‘instantly back on’ solution of a spare battery is not open to you.

That means finding a kind soul who will let you stick your plug into their juicer (not likely) or carrying something with you that will do the job. Carphone Warehouse et al used to sell these ‘One time only chargers’ for a lot of money – and they never really did the job as well as you would have liked.

There are solutions out there which offer one charge or more, but we can’t remember one that claims to give you more than 3 charges from a single re-juicing.

Until now. Enter the snazzily named ‘8400mAh Portable Power Pack ‘ from case specialist Thermaltake.



KitGuru says: If this device can truly recharge a Galaxy, iPad, iPhone and still have a little juice left over – then it would be a bit of a miracle. Even 3 iPhone/Nokia recharges in a row would be something.

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