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Startup announces phone case that harvests power wirelessly

Sending electricity wirelessly and safely, has been a pipe dream for scientists and researchers for over 100 years. While in the past few we’ve seen some attempts with the rather inefficient induction charging mechanisms for our smartphones, one startup has an alternative: harvesting excess WiFi and radio signals. As a …

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Arctic Power Bank 4000 Review

Today we are going to take a look at one of Arctic’s latest mobile accessories, the Power Bank 4000.  We have looked at a number of Arctic’s mobile accessories over the last few years and have been generally very impressed with the level of quality and value for money that …

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Luxa2 unleashes the 40,000mAh P-MEGA

We all need juice. The more devices you have – the more juice you need. Against that need for juice, you need to balance price and portability. Luxa2 has created a gorgeous portable power station of a recharging device – but can its look overcome it s size? A 40,000mAh …

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Luxa2 doubles lifespan of iPhone 5

If you come from a Blackberry point of view, the idea of a smartphone with a sealed battery seems very silly, but manufacturers like Nokia and Apple work on the basis that your phone should be as slim/light as possible and locked in wherever it can be. Which might look …

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New portable charger can do an iPhone 3 times over

In the high-speed, broadband-enabled modern world, it can be incredibly frustrating to run out of juice on your phone. While smartphones do add in features – we pay for those features in electrons. So what can you do to prevent the urge to kill someone/thing when the red bar shows? …

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Now your nan can charge her iPad more easily

iRock Chair

If your dear old grandma has trouble charging that “new touch gizmo thing,” and doesn’t like faffing with cables, one Zurich company, Micasa Labs, might have a pretty elegant solution. Granted it’s a little more expensive than most chargers, but it’s certainly built into an item she’ll be familiar with …

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Thermaltake expands TriP power gadget range

No matter what the underlying technology, all of us spend at least part of the day thinking about electricity. Even if it’s just “Where the hell did I leave my phone charger?”, it’s always there because we know that a lack of juice will cut us off from the world …

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