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Modders have made the Mac Mini 78% smaller

The latest Mac Mini was the first of its kind to feature an M-series chip, and despite using a smaller motherboard, the overall size remained the same as its predecessors. Unhappy with the 2020 Mac Mini size, a modder transplanted the system to a smaller chassis, reducing its volume by 78%.

In the video posted by Snazzy Labs (via Liliputing), the modder explains the process of reducing the size of the M1-powered Mac Mini. First, you'll have to get it open, and then you can start to move what you want. The biggest problem was the PSU, which was replaced by a 65W Microsoft Surface power adapter combined with a MacBook Pro MagSafe 2 DC-IN power board and a MagSafe 2 cable.

In addition, the modder also decided to remove the fan and designed a passive cooling system that he claims to be enough for daily use. The 3D-printed case used to house the system was designed from scratch, featuring holes in the front to let air flow through it. The result is a Mac Mini that's 78% smaller than the original model.

Anyone interested in modding their own Mac Mini can follow the guide created by Snazzy Labs, which includes all the files needed to 3D print the case.

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KitGuru says: Now that Snazzy Labs has reduced the size of the Mac Mini, we are left wondering why Apple didn't put in some extra effort while designing the current Mac Mini.The modder not only reduced its size considerably but also swapped to an alternative PSU. 

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