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Apple store prankster talks drivel and takes bribes

Imagine a world where the overly friendly young chaps and chap-esses in an Apple store didn’t actually have a clue what they were talking about, regularly make up technology to describe what your looking at and were happy to accept bribes. KitGuru checks out secret cam footage of this alternative reality.

In the USA, it was probably Best Buy employees, but here in the UK, the butt of almost every technology sales joke has been PC World (Dixons Stores Group) for as long as we can remember.

Paying minimum wage for technology experts is a recipe for disaster, but the relatively low margins in the PC industry mean that was all that’s available for much of the time.

Apple’s ability to generate a colossal profit from its products led to the Apple store, which has led to a new level of obsequious service. Apple guru and total prankster Tyler Fischer has turned that on its head. See the man in action here:-


KitGuru says: If this were a reality show, it would certainly get some ratings.

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  • James Ford

    I have a friend who was an Apple store ‘Genius’: they gave her the job when she had no experience with tech whatsoever – this is a girl who asked me to fix her iphone when the lock button went sticky… She doesn’t know anything at all about technology. She said they used to charge around £50 for them to open it up in store, and every time they’d say that it was too serious and needed sending off, usually without opening it, because no one knew anything at all (not even how to open them up).

  • Dee WIlliams

    Can’t believe the customers! How stupid man!! They SHOULD but Apple