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Apple appears to be making a push for wireless charging

Apple isn't very good at keeping a lid on its future product plans these days but today's news doesn't really come from any ‘leak' or anonymous source. Instead, today's information has been deduced from Apple's public hiring tactics as it turns out that the company has recently brought on quite a few wireless charging experts, suggesting that this will be a big push for the company in the future.

Last week, an engineer from uBeam, a wireless charging specialist startup left the company and after a little bit of investigation on Linkedin, The Verge discovered that two former uBeam engineers have jumped ship to Apple already this year. In the last 12 months, Apple has hired over a dozen engineers with expertise in wireless charging.


This falls in line with an earlier report from Bloomberg, as the news outlet spoke to sources familiar with Apple's plans, claiming that the company was hoping to include wireless charging on the 2017 iPhone but it didn't want to just stick to the traditional charging mats we are already used to.

Apparently, Apple has been working on its own advanced technology for wireless charging, with the hope that iPhone buyers could walk around a room with their phone in-hand and still have it be charging the entire time. This is the exact sort of concept that uBeam has been working on behind closed doors, though apparently there have been struggles to get it working as advertised.

This is obviously an area where Apple, with its vast resources and massive R&D budget, could succeed where uBeam and other companies have struggled.

KitGuru Says: If Apple could prepare a wireless charging solution that would allow users to pick up their devices and move it away from the charging station/dock, then that would be quite impressive. However, this technology is currently tipped for next year's iPhone, rather than the one we will be getting in September this year, so it could be a while before we actually see it in action or get any confirmation.

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