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Apple has a fix for iPhones bricked by Error 53

Over the last few months, iPhone users have found their devices bricked by Error 53, which is an error when an iPhone is taken in for a third-party repair and Touch ID is not re-authorized. This month, Apple officially acknowledged the bug and has now offered a fix to those users who were affected in the latest iOS update.

For a while, Apple Store employees that encountered Error 53 had to tell customers that their devices were unrecoverable. However, that won't be true for much longer as the new iOS update will restore those devices bricked by the error.


However, Error 53 isn't gone for good as while bricked devices will be accessible once again, fingerprint reader functionality will remain disabled due to security concerns. If the connection between TouchID and Apple's security chip is broken, then restoring the connection could open it up to attacks.

There is an updated Apple Store page with instructions for users affected by Error 53, which you can find HERE.

KitGuru Says: Error 53 is caused by Apple's tight security restrictions on Touch ID. So while losing fingerprint reader functionality isn't a great outcome for those affected, this does show the lengths that Apple has gone through to keep its fingerprint reader as secure as possible. 

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