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Apple might be having problems making the Apple Watch

It looks like Apple may have faced its share of issues while manufacturing the upcoming Apple Watch as reports are suggesting that it has experienced a defect-free unit rate of just 30 per cent, meaning most of the Apple Watches being made, don’t actually meet the correct standards.

This is according to Gisforgames (via The Inquirer), reporting that Quanta, the company putting together the Apple Watch, is seeing a defect rate of 70 per cent. The company has apparently turned to Foxconn, which has 3000 workers pitching in to help solve the manufacturing issues.


A grain of salt should be taken with this news though, as previous reports from the end of last year suggested that there would be around five million Apple Watch devices available at launch. These rumors may very well be false.

Additionally, analysts are expecting Apple to ship at least 20 million wearable devices this year alone. Apple’s entry in to the wearable market is also expected to make the technology mainstream, particularly here in the UK.

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KitGuru Says: These rumors seem a little unfounded but if they prove true then Apple may be in a tight position following the launch of the Apple Watch if they become popular enough. 

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