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Apple patent details a curved iMac

While the iMac has gone through some changes over the last decade, the biggest shifts have been found under the hood rather than with the overall design. That could be changing, as Apple's latest patent depicts a brand new iMac built into a curved sheet of glass, complete with an integrated keyboard. 

As usual, this patent filing was brought to our attention by the sleuths at Patently Apple. The filing was made in May 2019 and describes an all-in-one Mac system with a ‘display area' and ‘input area' built into one curved surface. Meanwhile, there is a base at the back that would house the CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM etc and provide a place for additional I/O as well as support for the overall system.

Other features include foldable elements, so you could fold in the input area and use your own external mouse/keyboard. Being able to fold elements would also make the system easier to transport, box up and ship.

Obviously, this is an ambitious concept that may not turn into a fully-realised consumer product. However, it is interesting to see what concept ideas Apple is working with behind closed doors. There is interest in pushing the iMac all-in-one form factor forward and this is our first look at how that might be accomplished.

KitGuru Says: The main thing that sticks out to me is adjustability. Making height adjustments or swivel possible would be a big help for the iMac but pulling something like that off in this curved form factor may not be possible. What do you all think of Apple's proposed iMac design? Is this something you would like to see come to fruition, or should Apple go back to the drawing board? 

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