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Apple raises iTunes Match/Apple Music library limit to 100K tracks

Apple has gone ahead and raised the iTunes Match and Apple Music library limit from 25,000 tracks all the way up to 100,000. This update has been a long time coming, with Apple’s Vice President of software, Eddy Cue, revealing back in June that this feature was being planned out.

This feature was originally promised after the initial launch of Apple Music, Apple’s own music streaming service, based on the subscription model in order to help combat Spotify. iTunes Match on the other hand is a feature that allows users to upload their music to iCloud and have access to it across multiple devices.


Apple has not yet updated its support page to reflect the new library upload limit, but in a statement sent through to Macrumours, Eddy Cue confirmed that Apple has in-fact begun rolling out support for 100K libraries on its two music services.

While not everyone is a fan of Apple, iTunes is still a very popular bit of software for music listeners who have their own offline libraries, so this feature will be useful to more than just iOS or Mac users in the long run.

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KitGuru Says: I used to be a pretty heavy iTunes user myself, with a massive offline library that I would have loved to back up in the cloud. Unfortunately this service didn’t actually exist at that particular time and I’ve since moved on to streaming solutions. Are any of you big iTunes users? Do you have a big offline library that you back up with a cloud service? 

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