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Apple to be investigated by ITC following complaints from Qualcomm

Earlier this year, Qualcomm filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission requesting a ban on iPhone imports due to several alleged counts of patent infringement. Things went quiet on that front for a little while but now this week, we have learned that the ITC is going to be launching an investigation into Apple over Qualcomm’s claims.

For those unaware, Qualcomm and Apple are wrapped up in a lawsuit at the moment. Apple has accused Qualcomm of illegal business practices, meanwhile Qualcomm is countersuing Apple for patent infringement, as the company continues to sell its iPhones without licensing certain tech from Qualcomm. As part of Qualcomm’s efforts to get back at Apple, the company has gone after Apple’s supply companies and even filed a complaint with the ITC in the US to try and get a trade ban put in place on certain models of the iPhone.


Now, the International Trade Commission is investigating the complaint. While there is no specific timing in place, the ITC is hoping to finish up its investigation in 45 days after its start. A final decision might not come through for around 18 months though, as previously warned by Qualcomm’s General Counsel, Don Rosenberg.

Qualcomm is obviously pleased with the ITC’s decision to look in to the case, meanwhile, Apple is standing by its previous statements, branding Qualcomm’s business tactics as illegal.

KitGuru Says: While the ITC’s investigation may only take a couple of months to complete, it could be a long time before we hear any final rulings.

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