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It looks like the iPhone 8 is popping up in the wild

There have been quite a few leaks regarding the next iPhone over the last few months, some more trustworthy than others. Today’s leak comes from a very trusted source, giving us our first decent look at the front and back of the next iPhone redesign. This is the iPhone currently known as the iPhone 8/iPhone X, rather than the iPhone 7S, which is also expected to launch this year.

Today’s leaked images come to us via OnLeaks, a well trusted source in the mobile world. Today, he posted two images of Apple’s next major iPhone, showing the ‘all display’ front panel and the glass back with dual-cameras and interestingly enough, no fingerprint scanner.

As we can see, the display isn’t quite as ‘edge to edge’ as something like the Galaxy S8. However, Apple has managed to significantly cut down on bezel space, giving more screen space overall. The physical home button is gone, which we were expecting after previous rumours indicated that it would be integrated into the display.

One point of contention in rumours and ‘leaks’ over the last six months or so has been the placement of the Touch ID sensor. With the physical home button gone many thought that Apple would integrate it into the display itself. Some reports claimed that this was proving to be a huge issue when it came to manufacturing. However, this leak seems to indicate that Apple managed it, as there is no sensor present on the back of the phone (unless it is craftily hidden in the Apple logo or something).

KitGuru Says: While all leaks and rumours should be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism, OnLeaks has proven to be a reliable source over the years. I’m far more likely to trust this leak over previous ones. What do you guys think of the new iPhone design? I had hoped for less bezel at the side but I’ll save final judgements for when I see the phone in action.

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  • Rocky40

    So this is the new Samsung S8++ oh wait it’s got an Apple logo it’s hard to tell since Apple seems to have copied Samsung’s design and even removed the home button as well just like Samsung. Then again a lot of people are saying this is fake pictures of the new Apple device. Either way if these are real I assume Sammy will sue Apple and Apple will counter sue and provide doctored pic’s and have them back dated about 5 years like they did in the past round of law suits. lol

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