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Macbook Pro with Touch Bar users reporting awful battery life

It looks like a few of those who decided to pay the price premium for Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are facing some pretty serious issues, as battery life appears to have taken a dive. Apple's latest revision of the MacBook Pro arrives rated with ten hours of battery life, but some user complaints seem to indicate that this can fall to as low as three hours under light loads.

Over on Apple's support forum, the first complaints have begun popping up, with one user showing the MacBook Pro indicating just under three hours of battery life remaining while the laptop was at 95%. Safari was the only program open according to the post, with six tabs or so loaded up, none of which were video or anything too intensive. The three-hour battery life prediction turned out to be accurate.


A few other users have made similar complaints in the forum, with other users showing just around three hours of predicted battery life with the laptop over 90% charged. This appears to be occurring on both 13-inch and 15-inch models, though the latter have been known to have slightly worse battery life in the past.

At this time, Apple has yet to comment publicly on poor user battery life, even under light conditions. These issues also seem to be fairly contained at the moment, as complaints aren't totally rampant across the web. Still though, this is something that should probably be addressed swiftly.

KitGuru Says: If I were spending £1700 to £2500 on a laptop for productivity, I would certainly expect more than three hours of battery life with the web browser open. This issue doesn't seem to be affecting a ton of users though, so we have yet to see how Apple plans to respond.

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