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New iPhone 8 leak shows off the new and improved glass-back design

Rumours surrounding the 2017 iPhone have been rampant for over a year at this point. While we have seen plenty of leaks up to this point, one of the forgotten and overlooked features of this year's iPhone has been the return to a glass-back design, similar to the iPhone 4/4S. Now, this is back at the forefront, with new images releasing, showing the 2017 iPhone’s glass back design, with some added information pointing towards wireless charging.

Apple first switched to an aluminium body with the iPhone 5. This has continued right up to the iPhone 7 but this year, it seems that Apple will be returning to the all-glass design. This new glass back could also have inductive charging built in, allowing users to charge their iPhone without it being directly plugged in. Apple has experimented with wireless charging in the past, most notably with the Apple Watch but so far, the technology has yet to feature in any of the company's other products.

The images above came from Sonny Dickson working with 9to5Mac. This will be one of the three iPhones Apple is expected to show off in September. Two of them will be the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, while the third will be a more expensive iPhone 8, though that name hasn’t been finalised. There is still a chance that this iPhone will be called the iPhone X or the Anniversary Edition, as has been hinted to in the past.

This all follows a week of leaks coming straight out of Apple’s own software. Last week, Apple’s early HomePod software was obtained by software coders and picked apart for details pertaining to the next iPhone. Inside the files, people uncovered proof of the new display design, as well as proof of new camera features.

KitGuru Says: We will be hearing about this iPhone officially for the first time next month. As usual, it will be interesting to see how much the leaks/rumours got right ahead of time and how Apple may choose to spin some of its choices.

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