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OS X El Capitan GM build releases for beta testers

Apple's next version of the OS X operating system is on the way, with developers and beta testers receiving the GM candidate build this week. OS X 10.11 El Capitan launches in full later this month on the 30th of September, as a free update for all Mac users, though those in the public beta will have a close to final build already.

In order to download the new build of OS X El Capitan you either need to be registered as an Apple developer, or have signed up for the public beta program.


El Capitan is set to bring new features to the OS, including new multi-tasking features for apps, performance improvements for every day tasks, more fluid graphics and updates to all of Apple's own first party apps. Metal is also heading to OS X, which will allow more draw calls for better graphics performance.

This new OS X release will also introduce Swift 2, Apple's programming language for apps. You can take a closer look at El Capitan for yourself, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: Since Apple updates OS X annually, the changes aren't quite as major as what you would find in a Windows release. However, Apple does keep coming up with pretty useful features. Do any of you use a Mac? I have an old Macbook Pro that I use from time to time for travelling. 

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