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TSMC has reportedly begun producing 7nm processors for the next iPhone

We've already heard a number of rumors surrounding this year's iPhone launch, and now we have another likely story to add to the pile. This week, it is being reported that TSMC has begun production on the A12 processors that will feature in this year's flagship iPhones, and may end up being the first mobile 7nm chip.

Currently, most of the smartphone industry is running on 10nm SoCs. There is word that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 will make the jump to 7nm, but we likely won't see this chip in action until either late 2018 or early 2019. In the meantime, sources speaking with Bloomberg have said that TSMC is already kicking off production on a 7nm processor for this year's iPhone launch.

The jump to 7nm will make the Apple A12 chip smaller, faster and more efficient, as is the case with any jump in nanometer design. TSMC has previously made it clear that it aims to gain a 20 percent performance improvement and a 40 percent boost to power efficiency in jumping to 7nm.

TSMC has been partnered with Apple for a few years now, taking the reigns away from Samsung when it comes to iPhone processor production.

KitGuru Says: With Apple pushing for Augmented Reality, the jump to 7nm should be significant. Not only will it allow for better performance, but we should also see power efficiency improved, which should help with battery life while running apps. These are all anonymous rumours for now, but it's not often that an Apple leak doesn't have some truth to it. 

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