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iOS 6.1 fixes security issues, but no Maps overhaul

Apple have updated their mobile operating system to bring the refresh to iOS 6.1. The company have added fixes and security patches but there is no significant improvement to their flawed Maps software.

The move to 6.1 should have been more significant for the company – after all it is a full ‘dot' upgrade not a ‘dot-dot' upgrade. Many users had expected some big changes but disappointment is already apparent from customers on global forums.

To their credit Apple have fixed a long list of security concerns, which you can read here. Many of these are related to the mobile Safari browser and will be welcomed. Quite why they seem to be the major change in a ‘dot' upgrade is slightly bewildering however.

Apple have enhanced their carrier support by 4G LTE with some versions of the iPhone and iPad.

Another change to mention is the ability of Siri now to book tickets through Fandango. Many people have been waiting on the flawed Maps software to get a major overhaul, but it seems to have been held back for another day. Until then many people will be using the standalone 6.7MB Google maps application available via download.

Kitguru says: Not a wonderful upgrade for iOS users, but at least Apple have fixed some security holes.

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