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Kickstarter’s “Dash” – The world’s first smart phone car stereo

Got a thing for cool gadgets and tech in cars? this one should definitely grab your attention.

Kickstarter is a company that makes the path from concept to reality easy thanks to crowdfunding techniques. With their latest project they’ve come up with Dash, aka “The smart phone car stereo”. Unlike none other, this unit provides faceplates that specifically suit a given brand of smart phone. The first batch of units will ship with iPhone 4/4S accommodating versions.

The way it works is there are no buttons on the faceplate itself; all controls are available directly from your phone apart from a small volume controller to one side. While the phone is docked into Dash, it can of course be charged and all the usual music, navigation and calling features on the phone can be used. A special app can also be installed onto the phone that makes it easier to access all your commonly used apps and features in the horizontal position that the phone is in when docked into Kickstarter’s Dash.

This certainly won’t be for everyone, especially given you are sacrificing local radio stations for it. And it’s true that what Dash does can for for most part already be achieved by simply plugging into an existing car’s deck via a cable. But most of the time they don’t simultaneously charge the device and you have to admit that the cleanliness of it is far superior. Not to mention, it’s a lot better suited in situations where you might be using the phone’s GPS and navigation apps.

Kickstarter’s product page for Dash states, “Dash doesn’t require that you learn a new interface to use your stereo. You already know how to use your phone to access your music, your navigation app, your phone calls, and the incredible number of other apps in your phone’s marketplace.

Dash is expected to retail for $300 when it launches in July 2012. The special Kickstart editions come in black, red, blue or white. Thanks to Mashable for the information.

Kitguru says: A very cool gadget which we think will sell well.

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