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Apple stay strong after the death of Steve Jobs

After the death of Steve Jobs, many concerns were raised that Apple may have lost some of their leading executive team. Board member and former US Vice President Al Gore said the concerns are unwarranted and that the team will remain strong.

He spoke at the All Things D technology conference in Hong Kong saying “Their loyalty to the company is quite deep.”

Iconic leader Steve Jobs died a short while ago, after losing a battle against cancer. According to news, Jobs had trained employees in his last years to put their own stamp on their organisation after his passing.

Al Gore gives Apple the thumbs up

The Apple board protected Jobs medical information and Gore said that he felt they handled the situation ‘absolutely correctly'.

Even with the death of Steve Jobs, Apple are in a very healthy situation and have a strong leadership team in place. Obviously nothing will happen quickly, but it will be interesting to measure their global status in 3 years time. By then, the passing of Jobs may have had an impact on the huge technology corporation. A certain audience believe that Steve Jobs was the quality control chief for the company. Whether his passing will change their standards can only be judged over time.

Kitguru says: Al Gore is confident in the Apple leadership. Are you?

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