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Mini Apple iPad to launch at £179 on 12th December

With original Apple founder in control, Apple would say no to small iPad. But with new boss man in charge the company is looking at a global economy and making the tough choices. Smaller iPad is one of these choices and the choice has been made.

When OEM manufacturers in China look at tablet PCs they are thinking only of the profits that can be made from selling the device. This is logical but very simple thinking.

Apple is making a big margin on the hardware from Foxconn but that is only the start of the profit. After you have an iPhone or iPad you can begin to buy more apps from the app store and the profit Apple makes from one customer keeps on growing and growing.

We have spoken with our contacts here in China and can confirm that Apple has set the launch date as 12th December, but the production has been a little slower and is not ready until Xmas.

Apple leader Tim Cook is looking at Google Nexus 7 and similar products which are pushing for a price of £150. Apple is counting on superior brand name and ability to sell apps after initial purchase to offer a 7″ iPad Mini for just £179.

Absolutely beautiful in every respect, but you must wait until 12th December before you get hands on

KitGuru says: Availability will be everywhere and we expect this to be a big selling device to family with one iPad already.

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