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Apple iPad 3 Review (64GB)

If you are moving from an older iPad (like me), then iCloud is a godsend. First you need to head into the ‘settings’ menu on the other iPad and perform a full iCloud backup. This will take a couple of minutes.

Using the same Apple account on the iPad 3 means you will be presented with a full list of all your iCloud backup data. Apple cleverly list the newest at the very top.

It will then download the data from iCloud, which took around 3 minutes. This will vary obviously from user account to user account.

When this is finished, you are presented with wireless networks in your vicinity. After entering the password you are immediately ‘online’.

The initial set up is completed. All our data was passed over via iCloud without a problem. As a security precaution however Apple don’t copy over email passwords, so you need to manually key that information into all of your accounts. We noticed that previously installed third party applications started to download directly from the Apple store on the iPad 3 after the initial set up phase. This is clearly to save time during the iCloud restore phase.

As a topic of conversation, the iPad 3 doesn’t offer SIRI support, but there is a new voice recognition system implemented.

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