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Apple iPad 3 Review (64GB)

The latest iPad 3 uses the dual core A5X processor which features quad core graphics capabilities. The new machine features a greatly enhanced Retina Display with a staggering 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution. This has 50 percent more pixels than a standard 1080p High definition screen.

There has been a lot of debate when it comes to discussing the new Retina iPad 3 screen and immediately I noticed the difference. The colours are richer, the text is crisper and images almost look three dimensional due to the improved saturation and black definition. The image above shows the pixel density improvements, courtesy of iFixIt.

It is difficult to show via a static image on a website just how much Apple have improved the display. One of the best ways is to show an application which was designed for the iPhone, above. This is set in to 2x zoom mode. You can notice the pixelisation on the text and even the thumbnail images at the far left.

Above, the same application running on the iPad 3. It is easy to see how the new panel has smoothed out the text and even the graphics in this application. It might be hard to tell from the images, but the colours are richer on the iPad 3, making everything appear much more lifelike.

Above, a high resolution image which you can download for closer inspection.

The iPad 3 camera has been improved although I found it to be nothing out of the ordinary. For people used to an SLR or high grade pocket camera it will pale by comparison, but in good light conditions it can produce decent images. There is also the potential for getting some great ‘candid’ shots of people in public locations. If you use the iPad3, people will immediately assume you are browsing the internet, or chatting with friends. You can easily snap some candid photos of people without them knowing.

We discussed the camera, and showed some samples over here, but I wanted to test the camera indoors, in less than perfect lightning conditions.

Above, an image taken indoors with heavy side lighting to confuse the light meter. The camera coped fairly well, but you can see that parts of the image have no detail at all.

Low light ISO performance is below average too.

That said, as a general tool for taking an image on the move, it will be perfectly adequate. We do think it will make a great tool for snapping pictures of people in a restaurant or cafe however. It is much sneakier than bringing an SLR with you !

On launch day, several companies have iPad 3 ‘Retina display’ grade games available – to make use of the 2,048×1,536 resolution. The biggest by far is the Mass Effect Infiltrator by Electronic Arts. This game already highlights the potential of the iPad 3 as a ‘full on’ gaming machine as shown above. I really did enjoy playing this for a few hours last night, and I am positive that gamers will find the iPad3 to be a very attractive platform. We can expect a plethora of quality games to be released over the next couple of months, not just ‘casual’ games, but AAA titles from leading publishing houses.

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