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Luxa2 TX-200 wireless dual phone charger review

Rating: 8.0.

While the whole world seems fixed on the idea of saving energy, we have more electrical devices than ever before. Anyone who's plugged a 4-way adapter into the end of an extension that was already plugged into a double adapter, knows exactly what we're talking about. We all need the power, but do we need to see so many cables?  Luxa2 is the luxury goods division of Thermaltake and it has a wireless solution that might attract positive interest.

One of the jokes an experienced system builder might crack with a novice, is to get them to go into a local computer store and ask for a wireless power supply.

While systems without internal cables might be a source of merriment in 2014, many of us will be familiar with induction charging on a daily basis – normally in the bathroom – with a wireless electric toothbrush.

After a lot of talk, that technology is now making its way into the wider market, in the form of mobile phone chargers. With the TX-200, Luxa2 has created a simple, stylish charging pad which can handle 2 phones at the same time, wirelessly, and you can even charge an iPhone at the same time using a cable.


It weighs 188 grams and the outer shell (which is a combination of plastic and silicon)  measures 182mm x 97mm x 14.5mm. The unit is guaranteed for 2 years and you will know if something is not right when the LED charging indicators fail to operate normally.

Full info and a little video can be found here.

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