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Samsung Galaxy xCover (Extreme) Review

The back of the Galaxy xCover is where you get your first opportunity to realise this phone is of the rugged and waterproof breed. There is a lock that secures the back cover in place which while useful if you drop your phone, also helps create a waterproof seal between the back cover and the main body.

Strangely Samsung includes a sticker telling you to not turn this lock with your fingernails, instead recommending the use of a coin.

Near the top there is a single LED flash, the 3.2 MP camera and the speaker, all in a neat row.

The speaker was actually quite vibrant, naturally bass was lacking on a speaker of its size but mids and highs sounded good. It was also satisfyingly loud.

At each corner on the back of the phone there is a raised edge which raises the phone off a flat surface. This decreases the risk of the camera lens and the LED flash getting scratched or damaged in other ways.

If you open up the back of the phone you will see how the phone is waterproofed, the battery and other electrical components are enclosed within an inner shell. This shell is enclosed by a plastic rim on the inside of the back cover which creates a seal with a moat around the battery compartment.

Already I get the feeling this phone will not be as waterproof as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active which not only had a cover to make the phone pretty but also a tough plastic piece rimmed with rubber to ensure no moisture gets in – or out.

Removing the 1500 mAh battery from within its waterproof compartment will reveal the SIM card and MicroSD slots.

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