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Google promises software fix for Pixel 2 shutdown and reboot issues

Following reports of display issues, speaker problems, and some not even housing its operating system, the Google Pixel 2 disaster continues, as reports have surfaced surrounding impromptu shutdowns on both devices. Google has said that it will fix the issue “in the coming weeks” via a software update.

The bug concerns both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, with poor Community Manager Orrin having his hands full regarding the new issue, replying to all different threads across Google’s forums.

Of the more detailed accounts is forum user Pixel2’s description, who notes that the problem initially arose as early as October 26th. In this case, the device cut off mid-conversation during a phone call. The second incident took place while idly browsing Twitter, in which the Pixel 2 randomly shut down once again.

The third incident was a little different, cutting out again while generally browsing applications, only to power itself back on less than a minute later.

There seems to be no correlation between any of the users affected. One user states that the reboots only seemed to happen while on cellular data. Another explains that it fully shuts down, and does so even while on WiFi. One thing is common, however, and that there has been no user fix, from booting in safe mode for a full 24 hours to factory resetting.

Fortunately, Orrin comes bearing a gift a full month later, stating that Google has “identified a fix which will be rolling out in the coming weeks.” This is similar to how the company has tried to rectify other problems, but can software really fix all of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL’s problems?

KitGuru Says: As many users have stated, I myself want to love the device and the experience that Google has to offer but the latest devices just don’t match the high-price or the high-regard the company is usually held in. Hopefully more fixes are inbound, making the devices what users originally expected them to be.

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