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Apple iPhone 4 is coming, but is it too late?

Yesterday we reported that a white iPhone was in the making and due for release in the near future. What seems to have been confirmed however is that this will be an iPhone 4 model. It is near the end of its product cycle, is this really a good move for Apple?

Apple have never really confirmed the details of the delay behind the white iPhone 4, the most believable reason is based around the leaking light from the edges of the glass case. Some say it is the white paint that causes transparency on the back panel, resulting in washed out photos when using the flash. Apple aren’t confirming any of the rumors, playing coy and ignoring the discussions.

Photo: MacWorld

Steve Jobs held a white iPhone 4 in his hand when he announced the new model, but Apple clearly ran into some serious production issues as the images on their website were completely removed, without a reason.

Is a white iPhone 4 too late regardless? because the latest rumours are showing that Apple might even release the iPhone 5 as soon as June or July, this year. If this is true then there is only a month between the models, and who in their right mind would buy an older iPhone 4, even if it was white? With the iPhone 5 apparently reverting to an aluminum back panel, there should be a white version released on launch day, without any of the production issues plaguing V4.

KitGuru says: Of course Apple could push back the release date of the iPhone 5 to 2012, as it would certainly make more sense. Insider comments however have indicated that Apple want a very strong year, and a completely new updated range of flagship iPhones is just the way to help bolster revenue.

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