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Blackberry CEO says tablets will be dead in five years

Until the recent release of Blackberry’s 10 series of handsets, you might be forgiven for forgetting the business centric firm ever had that much of an impact on the smartphone game. After all, it’s been a while since Blackberry was considered up there with the big names in the game. However now it’s back into competition, when CEO Thorsten Heins says tablets will be dead in five years, your ears perk up and you listen.

Blackberry of course has its own tablet in the form of the Playbook, which was reasonably well reviewed last year, but evidently Heins doesn’t think it has much of a shelf life. “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore. Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model,” he said (via Telegraph).

Blackberry’s 10 phones are set to turn around the company’s fortunes, according to Heins

But that can’t be his only half decade prediction and of course it isn’t. Heins also believes that within five years Blackberry will be at the forefront of mobile computing. The reasoning for this is that early showings for the Q10 in the UK have gone well and stock prices have also been on the rise.

Even with this recent upsurge in mind though, Blackberry is going to have to maintain a steady upgrade trend from its reasonable install base in order to get its name back in lights, alongside the likes of Samsung and Apple.

KitGuru Says: Part of me hopes he’s right about the tablets though. Fed up of people holding up their giant dinner plate electronics to take pictures. Buy a camera, ass. 

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