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Next Xbox not as far along as Microsoft wants

Let’s crank out the rumour mill on this Tuesday morning, because it’s time to speculate on the next-gen. According to some reliable sources over at Kotaku, the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft, is as much as six months behind in its development cycle.

On top of that, a handful of next-gen developments have been canned or put on hold, in order to bring the Xbox to bear on time. It’s not known at this time what those extra curricular projects were, but they could be things like the Illumiroom, the Kinect goggles that sounded similar to the Oculus Rift or maybe even the Kinect 2.0 itself. The latter of those three seems the least likely to be put on hold however, since with our current understanding of the Durango machine, Kinect 2.0 will be a big part of its launch feature set.

We’re pretty sure that the 720’s controller will be pretty familiar though

Those same sources are suggesting that in comparison to Microsoft’s troubled situation, Sony is much further along and much more likely to be able to meet the Christmas 2013 deadline.

These new rumours only add to the pile of previous ones that don’t paint Microsoft in the greatest light. We’ve also heard suggestions that the next-Xbox will be an always-on machine and it won’t support used games.

As usual though, this new rumour needs to be taken with a giant pinch of salt, as it’s far from confirmed.

Kitguru Says: With so much back and forth rumour-mongering for this-next gen of consoles, I can’t believe it’s going to be another five months or so before release. It feels like we’ve been talking about the new consoles for way too long already.

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