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The Xbox One SDK has been leaked

A group called H4LT has managed to leak the official Xbox One developer SDK, potentially opening the door for homebrew applications as well as giving unapproved developers the ability to create unofficial software for the system. The leak was announced via H4LT’s Twitter account, the group also provided screenshots of …

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Next Xbox not as far along as Microsoft wants

Let’s crank out the rumour mill on this Tuesday morning, because it’s time to speculate on the next-gen. According to some reliable sources over at Kotaku, the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft, is as much as six months behind in its development cycle. On top of that, a handful of …

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Microsoft apologises for always-on ranter’s rant

Last Friday, we covered how Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft was bashing those that complained about always-online systems, suggesting people should just put up with it. This annoyed Microsoft and Xbox fans, as well as many gamers in general – especially coming off the back of EA’s Sim …

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Microsoft employee berates fans for always on hate

Microsoft’s next console has been rumoured for some time to be an always online system, something fans haven’t been too happy about – in many instances, claiming that it means they would buy a PS4 instead. That’s even more likely now, after Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft, suggested …

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More evidence that Xbox 720 will be always online

Xbox 720 XDK

Despite the horrible beating EA and Maxis have gotten for the recent gaff with the new Sim City, it looks like they aren’t the only companies considering the idea of always on systems. Microsoft could very well be pushing for it with the next Xbox and this could lead to …

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Xbox World unveils top changes with Xbox 720

Xbox World

While it’s set to close its doors after just one more issue – which goes on sale tomorrow – Xbox World has once again come forward with a lot of big details about Microsoft’s next generation Durango/Xbox 720 console. So what are we looking at with a next-gen machine? Xbox …

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