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These are the specs of BlackBerry’s rumoured Android device

Last week, we got wind of rumours suggesting that in an effort to become competitive in the market again, BlackBerry may jump ship from its own operating system to Android with a future smartphone. Now, it looks like we have some leaked specifications, letting us know what BlackBerry is apparently …

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BlackBerry to encrypt voice calls thanks to acquisition of Secusmart

Less than two weeks after Apple and IBM agreed to offer enterprise-tailored services with sophisticated security, BlackBerry, whose main customers are enterprises, governments and other organizations requiring advanced security, announced a plan to acquire Secusmart GmbH. The take-over enriches BlackBerry’s extensive security technologies with high-security voice and data encryption and …

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Blackberry 10, will it be enough to rescue RIM?

Research In Motion have had a tough 24 months, their sales figures have dropped significantly and the company seems in a constant state of turmoil in regards to leadership. They are betting their future on Blackberry 10 OS which has been touted for 2013. The Blackberry 10 Operating System is …

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RIM CEO: “We may need to look at licensing” for BB10

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins has said that their upcoming mobile operating system, Blackberry 10, could move away from how the company has traditionally operated. In an effort to increase its dwindling user based, Heins admits that licensing Blackberry 10 could be part of the company's future. “To deliver …

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Blackberry 10 – will it save RIM?

While Research In Motion are posting record low financials Frank Boulben, the new Chief Marketing Officer seems confident in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Operating System. He spoke to the Associated Press claiming that the new software will impress the audience. The new devices are expected in early 2013 – a …

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BlackBerry 10 – will it save RIM?

Research In Motion are facing critical mass, as declining sales and an extremely competitive market continue to cause issues for the Canadian smartphone maker. Much of their future success is riding on their upcoming operating system, otherwise known as BlackBerry 10. The first incarnation of the operating system was unveiled …

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