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Sony wants to jump back into mobile gaming


When it comes to mobile gaming, Sony's efforts have been hit and miss. The PS Vita handheld rarely gets any attention these days and as far as smartphone games go, Sony actually shut down its PlayStation Mobile division last year to help cut costs. However, with Nintendo starting to succeed …

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Nokia denies that it is returning to smartphone market

Last week, rumors began circulating suggesting that Nokia would be making a return to the smartphone market soon. However, despite a supposed confirmation from an executive, it doesn't look like this is happening anymore as Nokia has discredited those rumors. In a short message posted on the official Nokia website, …

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Hearthstone has finally arrived for smartphones

After months of waiting and long after the game's release on tablets and PC, Hearthstone is finally available for smartphones. Blizzard's addictive card game opened up to Android and iOS smartphones last night, with a redesigned user interface to scale perfectly with screens of all sizes. The free to play …

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Gorilla Glass 4 aims to stop screens from smashing

Corning is currently working on developing Gorilla Glass 4 with the aim of developing a solution that it strong enough to withstand sudden drops on to hard surfaces such as concrete, in an effort to stop phone screens from smashing so easily. Gorilla Glass has been embraced by almost every …

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Microsoft might be dropping the Nokia name

Microsoft's big purchase of Nokia officially went through a few months ago and since then it's continued to release phones under the brand, but perhaps not for much longer. The rumour is, that within a few days time, the Nokia name will be dropped in its entirety, with the new …

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BlackBerry to encrypt voice calls thanks to acquisition of Secusmart

Less than two weeks after Apple and IBM agreed to offer enterprise-tailored services with sophisticated security, BlackBerry, whose main customers are enterprises, governments and other organizations requiring advanced security, announced a plan to acquire Secusmart GmbH. The take-over enriches BlackBerry’s extensive security technologies with high-security voice and data encryption and …

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ZTE wants to sell more high-end smartphones

It is not a secret that Apple and Samsung are the most profitable smartphone makers in the world thanks to sales of their high-end lines, whereas the competition of other manufacturers has pushed margins so narrow that their low-priced handsets are barely profitable. In a bid to earn more money …

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Android and iOS make gains in UK market-share

Blackberry is dangerously close to becoming completely irrelevant as Android and iOS capture more of the UK market, leaving the Canadian phone maker clinging on to just 1.6 per cent of the market. All of this is according to the latest statistics from Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. These statistics show that during …

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App makers have two months to comply with new regulations

If you're a maker of applications with in-app purchases, you have the next 60 days to implement a laundry list of changes that are designed to offer the consumer more information about what they're spending their money on and to make it harder for children to ‘accidentally' run up thousands …

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Samsung shipped 320 million smartphones in 2013

Samsung has officially set a new record as it has been revealed that the manufacturer managed to ship 320 million smartphones throughout last year, the largest ever achieved by a single vendor. Collectively, phone makers managed to sell 990 million smartphones world wide which is a 41 per cent increase …

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iPhone 5S battery defect affecting users

This has not been the week for Apple users, first the new Macbook Pro's with retina display were experiencing keyboard and trackpad issues and now the new iPhone 5S is suffering from a battery defect. These problems have come from Apple using a new battery that it said would last …

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Miiverse inflating into PC and 3DS space


Nintendo's Miiverse, the social networking hub of its poorly selling console, the Wii U, is set to expand its influence to include both PC and smartphone platforms, with Nintendo looking to debut the latter of those two systems sometime between April and May. Initially the functionality won't be great, with …

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Google champions Glass, describes phones as “emasculating”

Google Glass

Staring down at a screen is “emasculating”, according to Google Boss Sergey Brin, who has been talking up the Google Glass project that sees most of a smartphone's functions incorporated into a piece of semi-intrusive eye wear. The comment was made to an audience at a TED conference in LA about the …

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HTC waves goodbye to Qualcomm exclusivity

From the very first HTC manufactured Android smartphone, the Dream, to the present day HTC has only used Qualcomm chipsets in its Android smartphones and tablets. This will soon change; rumours of a Tegra 3 powered smartphone have been floating around the world wide web for a few months and it …

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Tablets to overtake PC sales? IDC think so

According to research firm IDC, the shipments of tablets and smartphones will overtake those of the PC system within the next 18 months. The tablet and smartphone market has been booming in 2010, as more people latch onto the benefits of accessing email and browsing the net from remote locations. …

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