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Chatsim offers unlimited international messaging, for one flat fee

Getting in touch with friends and family is far easier today than ever before, but without Wi-Fi doing so when abroad can be quite costly. Not so with ChatSim. The annual contract SIM-card provider is offering subscribers  unlimited text, with up to a thousand international photos in over 150 countries around the world, with or without access to Wi-Fi.

Describing itself as the “world's first instant messaging mobile operator,” ChatSim is designed to make it easier and cheaper than ever to stay in touch with loved ones while travelling internationally. By striking deals with 250 different mobile operators around the world, ChatSim lets you use local networks to send texts and emojis in unlimited number, wherever you are.


The cheapest package costs just £8 for the year, and gives you not only endless texting functionality wherever you are in the world, but up to 200 photos, 40 videos or 80 minutes of voice call too. Since you can use local networks, there should always be somewhere to connect and since you're using data applications, the costs are invariably low.

It all works through chat apps like Line, QQ, BBM, WhatSapp and a number of others and you can keep a really close eye on your account through the management app, which lets you know how much time you have left, how much credit, what you've been spending it on and more.

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KitGuru Says: Even just having one of these as a backup when travelling might not be a bad idea. What are your plans for smartphone usage while you're travelling?

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