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BT is taking Valve to court over patent infringement


British Telecom (BT) has announced that it's taking Valve to court, over what it claims are patent infringements by the longtime game developer and publisher. While there does seem to be some merit to the suit, all of the patents are rather generic, so there will likely be some wiggle …

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Daesh has its own encrypted chat app

In an effort to help obscure its communications from the many worldwide intelligence agencies trying to hunt them down, members of terrorist group Daesh now have their own encrypted chat application. This follows members of the organisations being kicked off of the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram and other platforms. Governments …

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Telegram messaging app shuts down ISIS broadcast channels

The Telegram encrypted messaging application, that allows for the dissemination of text, photos and video to thousands of those subscribed to certain channels, has started blocking and deleting ones found to have links to the so-called Islamic State. So far we're told that 78 channels, in as many as 12 different …

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Whatsapp web messenger launches

Whatsapp web app

Today Whatsapp made a new web app available for its popular messaging client that will allow you to talk to your contacts from your desktop browser. While this currently only works in Google Chrome, support for other browsers is planned and should be available soon. Once your phone is linked to …

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Facebook to trial $1 charges for certain messages

Message Filter

Facebook is set to introduce a $1 (£0.62) charge to send messages to people outside their circle of friends, but only if they want to deliver it straight into the recipient's inbox – otherwise it will function as normal. As it stands, sending a message to someone that you aren't …

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