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Facebook profits are up, thanks to mobile ads

Facebook has announced a significant boost in earnings over the past quarter, after it saw a big jump in revenue from mobile advertising and perhaps more impressively, an increase in user numbers, seeing active users on the site reach 1.1 billion throughout the quarter.

While Facebook has been the world’s biggest social network for some time, it’s not always faired well in terms of revenue. During its initial public stock offering, its price was inflated hugely for a site that’s earnings were no where near impressive enough to warrant the overblown $50 billion value it was stated as having. Now though, it’s gradually turning things around.

I get the feeling a lot of these were passed around during the announcement.

Over the past quarter, Facebook made $1.24 billion (£787 million) in advertising revenue, of which 30 per cent came from mobile phone adverts, which according to the Telegraph, is a jump of nearly a quarter over the same three month period in 2012. This helped increase profits to $217 million, a near 60 per cent increase year on year.

No doubt other websites will be taking note of Facebook’s success, as monetising mobile website access is becoming the big game changer in contemporary web management. With more and more of the world’s population coming online via their phones, it makes sense to focus on that avenue of development.

KitGuru Says: Apparently Facebook now serves up nearly 60 per cent of its traffic via mobile phones. How do you guys visit the social network?

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