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Netflix business is booming, outpacing expectations

Netflix might well be the darling of heavy media consuming millenials, but it's hoovering up supporters from every walk of life these days. So much so in-fact that even the company's own estimates of its growth have fallen short by almost 50 per cent. Over the last three months alone, more than 3.3 …

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Angry Birds maker sees profits drop 73 per cent

It looks like the bottom might have finally fallen out of perhaps the most successful gaming franchise ever: Angry Birds. While the game series may have been the first to break through the billion and two billion downloads mark, profits at its developer Rovio fell dramatically last year. Off of …

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Samsung to post first profit drop in years

Korean electronics giant Samsung, has confirmed reports that it is heading for its first drop in annual profits since 2011, with its market share dipping all the way until September last year. However, a mild resurgence near the Christmas period may have saved it from a complete washout. Of course …

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Amazon shares drop after near half billion loss announcement

Amazon might have spent much of this quarter aggressively expanding and introducing new services like Prime member streaming music and same-day deliveries in the UK, suggesting growth and prosperity, but its books paint a much less successful picture of the same period. According to the latest earnings report, Amazon lost …

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Samsung profits drop 25 per cent this quarter

It looks like Samsung could be losing its grip on the Android phone market as the Korean device maker warns investors that profits have dipped by 25 per cent in the second quarter of 2014 due to low demand for its Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. A couple of weeks ago …

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Games Workshop looks to be in a lot of trouble

Hey guys, you know how annoyingly weird Games Workshop usually is? You know how it seems to ignore fans, upping prices every year by crazy margins, turning its magazine into a product catalogue, punishing third party retailers and replacing its white metal models with a bubble filled, warped material? Well …

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Zynga profits drop, but not by that much

Zynga yesterday released it's quarterly report for earnings, the first one since ex-Xbox One launch man Don Mattrick jointed the company as CEO and while profits and revenue are down on this period last year, it wasn't quite as bad as expected. According to Bloomberg estimates, while it was predicted …

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Facebook profits are up, thanks to mobile ads

Facebook has announced a significant boost in earnings over the past quarter, after it saw a big jump in revenue from mobile advertising and perhaps more impressively, an increase in user numbers, seeing active users on the site reach 1.1 billion throughout the quarter. While Facebook has been the world's …

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LG fails to meet targets after awful TV sales


LG Electronics, one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the world, has missed its financial targets by a wide margin, after it managed during 2012's Christmas period, to make just ten percent of what it did during the same time last year on TV sales. It's not all LG's fault …

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Foxconn shares soar on iPhone rumours


Foxconn share prices have jumped by a huge 31.9 per cent after rumours began circulating that the electronics manufacturer would be producing the next iPhone, winning a big contract bidding war with other potentials. This despite the fact that just two weeks ago it admitted to using child labour. This …

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Target Components announces record revenues

In a world full of doom and gloom, it's nice to see a little rainbow glow coming from Castleford. With today's announcement, Target Components can draw a positive line under its efforts in recent years, to combat the nation's negativity and offer something a little more chirpy. KitGuru peers through …

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