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Sony i1 details continue to leak with camera resolution

Now that the Sony execs have done their UK tour, including Vodafone’s head office in Newbury, it seems that more and more details of the up coming Apple/HTC name coupling ‘i1’ are leaking out from our special sources close to the action. KitGuru polishes off another cup of tea and checks the leaves in HD.

As every KitGuru reader knows, we have a network of spy satellites in geo-stationary orbit above every technology company on the planet – ready to listen in and reveal secrets.

Oh. Wait. Sorry. We’re PLANNING a series of…

In truth, we have a much less sophisticated network of moles around various industries – including the mighty telecommunications market and, right now, the top Sony folk are going door to door with a positive message about the new i1, which will launch at the end of August with a 61fps video camera capability – as reported earlier by KitGuru.

Why so much shoe leather and expense account expenditure?

Well, once again, Sony has managed to enter a market without sufficient ‘cool’.

Two years ago, it managed a respectable 5% market share, while last year saw that drop to just 4.8% – according to IDC.

So the Sony spend will be aimed squarely at one thing – creating a massive push behind the features of the i1 in August.

One of these features is the ‘transplant’ of the latest Cybe-shot technologies from Sony’s real cameras, into the 20 megapixel monster that will take pride of place on the i1.

Yep, that’s right, you heard us. The Sony i1 will feature a 20 megapixel camera, which is aimed squarely at the market leading Nokia Lumia 920 snapper which presently heads up all of the image quality charts.

Sony is encouraging you to throw out your old smartphone and buy into the i1
Sony is encouraging people like Anastasia to throw out their old smartphones and buy into the i1

KitGuru says: Incredible the way that these cameras are improving – on paper. However, the current megapixel war in smartphones reminds us a lot of the ‘Watts War’ that portable tape decks went through in the Eighties. At some fundamental level, unless the lenses get bigger and further away from bigger sensors, just how good can these snaps get?

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