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MSI Gaming Notebook Factory Secrets Revealed

KitGuru was fortunate enough to be invited one of MSI’s giant factories in Shanghai, China.  We expected to be given a limited tour and told to ‘keep behind the barriers’, but we were actually given full access to the entire process – from the soldering of components onto the mainboards, through assembly and checking, to the final boxing ready for shipping. Our video provides a fascinating insight into how a modern gaming laptop is built and the effort needed to ensure every unit comes off the production line in perfect working order. Check out this detailed tour of the MSI factory!

After studying engineering in his teens, Ethan Yang has dedicated his life to creating the perfect production line. A wonderfully engaging character, don’t let his youthful looks distract you – the entire factory is under his control, from top to bottom. He engages with the design teams in China and Taiwan early in the life cycle of a new product. All the time working out how the individual components will be built and prepared for assembly – as well as considering how he will need to re-tool the line for a different physical product.

While each new gaming laptop is being created, Ethan and his team are already working hard on testing procedures and data capture routines to ensure that everything runs smoothly from day one.

For many of us, assembly a system could mean we have less than 100 parts to integrate (including screws). Some of MSI’s gaming notebooks have a BOM (Bill Of Materials) that list over 3,000 individual items. For regular notebooks, there can be leeway on the production line. For high-end gaming notebooks – with bespoke cooling solutions and performance parts running near (or past) their intended clock speeds – every screw needs to have perfect position/tension.

Watch our tour of MSI’s Shanghai factory via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

KitGuru says: The plant is impressive on so many levels, but the most impressive thing was Ethan’s approach to design, production and on-going customer support. He genuinely wants to find ways to fail systems in the factory before they leave – and he constantly updates the processes and procedure used to achieve that result. The complete journey through the factory is long, yet each unit comes out shiny and ready for action. We give a big KitGuru thank you to Eric, Sam, Tina, Ethan, Chris, Natalie and rest of the MSI crew that made this visit possible.

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