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PC Specialist Fusion II (i7 8750H & GTX 1060 Max-Q) Laptop Review


CrystalDiskMark tests the raw speed of a storage device. It uses a test file to write data to or read data from the drive. We test using the default 1GB file size.

The CrystalDiskMark results show that the 512GB M.2 drive has a decent read and write speed. It’s not the fastest we have seen but it easily outperforms the SSD that can be found in the similarly specced MSI GE63 Raider laptop.

Cinebench R15:

Cinebench R15 is a cross-platform testing suite that measures CPU performance. We compare the Fusion II with some other laptops we have tested that feature the same processor for a quick comparison to demonstrate its relative performance.

The Cinebench score achieved by the Fusion II sits pretty high up compared to other laptops we have tested with the i7-8750H. Looping Cinebench 10+ times does eventually heat up the CPU and the score will drop down to 1092. But this is still a very good score that shows that the rendering performance in this laptop is among the best when compared to similar machines.

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