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Nvidia CEO says that future laptops will mimic Apple design

Nvidia’s outspoken CEO has said that he feels that future laptops will borrow the design of the Macbook Air.

Brooke Crothers at Cnet, spoke to Jen Hsun Huang in a phone interview and he said “You’ll have trouble finding one that doesn’t look like the MacBook Air, I think the Macbook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell laptop will look like. They’ll be thin because you won’t need any heat pipes, the fan, and extra batteries to lug around.”

Apple have worked a lot in the past with Nvidia and they have been an integral part of the Macbook Air design. They replaced Intel in the 2010 MBA (third generation). The Nvidia 320M graphics processor is the only major logic chip to see a significant upgrade in the Air.

Toshiba AC110, based on an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor - more designs like this to follow

Huang also believes that the future laptop design will be based around low power drain ARM processors, and if upcoming designs from ARM are anything to go by, he could very well have a point.

KitGuru says: With designs like the Toshiba AC110 based around nVidia Tegra 2 due for release, he may be right.

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