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Honor 7X Review – The £269 Smartphone


Here we present a gallery of some Honor 7X photos. They have not been edited either on the phone or with any post-processing software, so what you see is what you get straight from the phone without any additional processing.

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With its 16MP primary camera, along with the 2MP secondary lens that is purely for depth-sensing, the Honor 7X takes pretty decent photos.

Using the standard auto mode gives good results, with crisp and detailed images that are very pleasing considering the price of the phone.

Portrait mode is not the best, however, despite the fact that there is a whole lens dedicated to sensing depth. As you can see in the second image above, the edges of the coat are blurred when they should be sharp. The background bokeh looks good, though.

Lastly, just to touch on low-light performance, it is not the best going – image detail rapidly degrades as scene darkness increases. Manual mode doesn't help, either, as the camera has a max ISO of just 1600 – so you have to lengthen the shutter speed to get a brighter image, and that obviously introduces some motion blur. It is far from terrible, but night-time shots are unlikely to impress.


The last area to touch on is battery life. Here, I can't say there were any big surprises from the Honor 7X. With its 3340 mAh battery, I was just about a full day from a full charge, getting to 10pm with around 10-15% battery remaining.

Power users may struggle to last a full day, but I reckon most people will be just fine from a single charge. Unfortunately, if you do need to top-up during the day, the 7X does not support quick charging, so you'll be waiting for a bit longer than you might be used to.

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