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Xiaomi Redmi 2 Smartphone Review

An HD, 4.7-inch screen is fitted on the Redmi 2. This gives a PPI density of 312, meaning the display is very crisp and vivid. Text is therefore easy to read, and playback of HD video is fully supported. For the price, it would be unreasonable to expect a Full HD panel.

In terms of colour reproduction, the display isn’t quite ideal, but it is far from bad. The colours feel a little too warm, particularly white backgrounds – which are quite common. It is subtle, but becomes quite obvious when placed next to another device. The settings menu allows you to make colours ‘cooler’ – which we would recommend.

Viewing angles, too have limitations. Some rain-bowing occurs when the screen is tilted, and the screen seems too dark to make out what is being displayed.
It’s not a bad display, but it does have a few, small problems. For the money, though, they can be easily overlooked.

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