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Microsoft wants to make it easier for you to switch from Mac to Surface

As part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to win over the Mac crowd, the company has released a new migration tool, making it easier than ever for someone to switch from Apple's macOS over to a Windows 10 Surface or Surface Book while keeping your files intact.

The official name is the Mac to Surface Assistant and upon booting it up, you will be able to select which files you want to transfer, ranging from files on your Mac's desktop, to application data, documents, photos, movies and files in your Google Drive folder.

This is all stuff that would be easy to achieve with a USB stick but part of the charm is in the automatic organisation of files. After all, a lot of people end up going with macOS because it ‘just works'.

While we are on the topic of the Surface Book, Microsoft may be launching a second generation Surface laptop towards the end of next month. However, rather than being a two-in-one, Microsoft may adopt the traditional clamshell design.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft has been working on converting MacBook Pro users with its Surface Book and following the disappointing MacBook Pro 2016 launch, it seems that the company has been fairly successful in doing just that. This migration tool alone might not be enough to convince more to switch but it will help make the transition easier. 

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