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Intel exec says Windows 8 ‘modest launch’ has hurt PC growth

Intel’s Executive Vice President Tom Kilroy has said that the PC Market could recover – even though it faces a stiff challenge from tablet systems.

He said that Windows 8 had a ‘modest launch’ and it meant that the PC market was ‘a year late’ getting a ‘shot in the arm’ that it needed. He claimed that 80 percent of laptop owners still say they would replace their device with another laptop – even though many of them already own a new tablet as well.

Kilroy said “The two-in-one concept is really going to be the new wave”, pointing at computers such as the Lenovo Yoga which can be used as both a tablet, a laptop and in ‘tent’ mode.

He added “The days of carrying around a smartphone a tablet and a notebook are numbered – the discrete tablet as we know it will go by the wayside and the 2-in-1 will be the future. If you’re doing content creation it just doesn’t happen on the phone.”

He blames Windows 8 for the slow sales saying “If Windows 8 had had a better take up I think we would have seen an increase in the notebook [sales overall]; the fact that it was more of a modest launch means the recovery is just a year later.”

Intel are making moves to strengthen their position in the mobile space. Haswell has better power consumption than previous Core processors and improved graphics, ideal for the mobile market.

Kitguru says: Windows 8 – blamed by many as not helping to drive PC sales in 2013.

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