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MSI CX623 Laptop Review – Core i5/Geforce 310M

Rating: 8.0.

MSI have a wide range of laptops for the enthusiast user and today we are looking at the rather sexy multimedia based CX623, complete with Core i5 460m, LED screen and nVidia 310M.

In a perfect world, everyone would be equipped with a £3,000 laptop, but sadly in the real world, budgets are much tighter – especially with the state of the economy in 2011. The system today will appeal to a wide demographic as MSI are able to load the CX623 with performance hardware but hold the price at £619.99.

• Display: 15.6” 1366×768 Gloss
• CPU: Intel i5-460M 2.53GHz
• Hard Drive: 500GB
• Optical Drive: BluRay
• Memory Supplied: 4GB DDR3
• Operation System: Windows 7 HP 64bit
• Graphics Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce G310M Optimus 1GB

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  • Garry

    Great looking laptop, not so sure about the keyboard flex, although more laptops seem to have this problem now. it is down to cut price support beams or something?

  • Roger

    The pinstripe is cool, liked the close up shot. interesting how they make the pattern with dots.

    Good battery life, seems all round very impressive, apart from hardcore gaming.

  • Saddo

    If they sold this with a better GFX id be all over it.

  • Johanao

    Excellent, I actually saw this in PCWORLD over here last week, and was t empted, but I wasnt sure about the performance. Hey whats with MSI putting a warranty void over the screw? thats a bad move, how are we meant to upgrade it? send it back to them for an extra cost 🙁 that pissed me off.

  • koRn

    310M seems to suck hard. rest of it is good however. but id need something more beefy for my laptop in gaming side.

  • Tim

    Not many ports down the sides, id like 3 USBs, 2 on one side and 1 on the other, not most of them on the back, its a pain to get there. a few other ideas I like with the design, but that pinstripe thing would hurt my eyes.

  • Foretold Beyond the Grave

    Good review, battery life is impressive considering the power of the CPU. Im not keen on the styling myself, it loks like a toshiba machine I had years ago.

  • Namasjs

    What about the build quality? it looks ok, but are all the parts fitted well?

  • Terrhsser

    Not for me, im a sony man through and through

  • Ned

    Temps are good and battery life. the pros outweigh the cons, shame about the lackluster gfx performance.

  • Kalirjdn

    I have had a MSI 3 series laptop for years now and have no intention of replacing it. I only surf and play flash gameson the move. I can recommend them as a laptop they rock.

  • Banthejohn

    For 600 quid it seems fairly good although acer do a machine with a better gfx and the same CPU for 650.

  • Randomgiblets

    I like it, its better than my desktop machine right now 🙁 im poor !

  • Harry

    The overall machine looks like it would burn your eyes out in sunlight, so many reflective surfaces. good job getting the pictures taken without burning all the surfaces out! Not my scene really I like alienware.

  • Ben

    MSI make great machines, i love their gear.

  • panos

    i bought this laptop yesterday from an ebay saller for 415pounds new i think i made a good deal 😉

  • Khaled

    I had one last two day … its stupied laptop .. its said it will switch to nidia GPU with it have load gaming and it didnt most time + you can not switch to 1 gb nvidia card manully or by and way ..there is no way to switch manully btween GPU in it .. I which i can sell it with helf price ..its ig lose