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Is your ISP fast enough? fastest ISPs listed

This is going to be a tough article for people in the United Kingdom to read because let’s be honest, our ISP’s generally suck. Even the fastest quoted ISP’s such as Virgin Media incorporate hideous packet shaping during the evenings, which can reduce glorious 50mbit lines down to 3-5mbit in the space of a few minutes.

Many of the problems in the UK revolve around ISP’s over subscribing their services to make the maximum profit, then shaping the bandwidth during peak times to ensure that their networks deliver something to everyone.

Netflix have just listed the fastest American ISP’s and Rogers comes out on top with Telus at the bottom.

Ken Florance, director of content delivery at Netflix said “We find ourselves in the unique position of having insight into the performance of hundreds of millions of long duration, high-definition video streams delivered over the Internet.

As we use a number of CDNs, and our clients can adapt to changing network conditions by selecting the network path that’s currently giving them the best throughput, Netflix streaming performance ends up being an interesting way to measure sustained throughput available from a given ISP over time, and therefore the quality of Netflix streaming that ISP is providing to our subscribers. Obviously, this can vary by network technology (e.g. DSL, Cable), region, etc., but it’s a great high-level view of Netflix performance across a large number of individual streaming sessions.”

KitGuru says: What ISP do you use? are you happy? We can bet if you are in the UK that you will have a complaint on some level.

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  • Tim

    BT in the UK, suck. simple as that.

  • Rocky1234

    Is this for wireless broadband or home broadband. Also Telus is not an American company it is based out of Canada not sure about rogers if they are American or from Canada. Maybe they meant North America. 🙂

  • procupine14

    Rocky1234, I believe that Rogers is based in Canada but IIRC they do provide service to some of the northern US. For certain Telus is not in the US that I’m aware of .

    I have Comcast I have no complaints about my service now that I’ve finally replaced their modem and cable box with my own modem and a Digital CableCARD tuner in my HTPC. AT&T has awful service in my area so this is actually quite a shock that they are stated pretty far up the ladder. But with all the network shaping that they seem to deny doing I’m not shocked that it perfoms well on netflix and may be awful for streaming YouTube.

  • Rocky1234

    Yea I was pretty sure about Telus but thanx for clearing up Rogers I know we have Rogers here as well but always thought it was a company based out of the US. As for me I am on Teluses fastest DSL they offer & it works well with Netflix & Youtube it always stays well ahead when Buffering when viewing HD content. Well what they call HD content on the internet. Where I live there is also a cable company that has internet but I tried it for a while & found they never had the speeds they claimed to have it was always either very slow or if surfing late at night it would get faster.

    I am not saying cable is bad but the one we have where I live is lacking. In one of our big cities close by they have a cable service there as well & it rocks a family mmeber lives there & they get 25 to 30Mb pretty much all the time. My telus claims 15Mb & I get that about 99% of the time & sometimes it seems even a bit more. I will take a steady 15Mb to 20Mb over a sometimes 5Mb to 20Mb (claimed 20Mb constant) that our local cable company can give.

  • lewis

    VM in uk is so shit i couldnt load the graph on this page- speedtest.net showed 0.01Mb download. down from nearly 30 when installed