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MSI FX600 Laptop Review (with nVidia Optimus Technology)

The MSI FX600 is a very attractive machine which looks much more expensive than it actually is. Build quality is superb and we noticed no flex in the middle of the keyboard, which is a common problem even with more expensive machines.

The keyboard is very usable, however we wished MSI had included a dual height return key as I found myself often hitting the wrong key. Not a major issue and I would probably adapt over time, although as I get older I get more stuck in my ways.

The screen quality is very good for such a modestly priced machine, and being an LED panel means that battery life should be extended …  verified later in our testing. The screen does have significant black definition bleed at the bottom of the panel, although it is really only noticeable with a pure black image or when measured with a diagnostic gun. A few people I used as guinea pigs didn’t even mention the shift, so clearly I am a little anal retentive.

The nVidia GT325M graphics solution is very capable, and when paired with the Intel HD solution offers a multitude of settings to cover all demands. Intel HD can handle most tasks, but when you need the extra horsepower the nVidia Optimus Technology kicks in to deliver the goods.

The biggest weakness of this machine, and the only downside I could really mention is the poor hard drive performance, which is directly tied into the use of a Toshiba 2.5 inch 5,400 rpm hard drive. It would often grind away, delaying load times and becoming a constant source of irritation. I tested this machine with a low cost Solid State Drive and it totally transformed the experience, it was almost as if the processor had been upgraded to a Core i7 Extreme Edition. It sounds dramatic, but a continual issue with laptop systems is the poor choice of manufacturer hard drive. Understandably every system purchased by a punter is targeting a specific price point, but if I ended up with this system, im afraid the hard drive would need to be replaced.

Argos are selling it on offer, for a short while – £100 off at £499 inc vat.

KitGuru says: A very attractive laptop which is well built and delivers a high level of performance. The hard drive however was a poor choice and lowers overall system responsiveness.

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Rating: 8.0.

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