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MSI FX600 Laptop Review (with nVidia Optimus Technology)

While this particular review sample has no BluRay drive, MSI do offer a more expensive unit with one installed. We have an ASUS USB 2.0 Bluray drive so we decided to include this page as a measurement of what you might expect if you decide to pay extra for the Bluray equipped version of the product.

Our good friends at Cyberlink kindly supplied the software for our Bluray and conversion tests.

Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 is one of the finest solutions for the Blu-Ray experience on Windows and we found this software to work perfectly with this chipset. We tested with the Bluray Disc of Avatar, one of our favourite sci-fi films in recent years.

Average load is 14 percent, which allows the processor time to carry out other tasks if desired.

We then recorded the CPU demand over a specific set of time to get a ‘real world’ rolling scale of activity. The Core i3 processor is easily capable of delivering a fantastic HD media experience.

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