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Twelve South launch the Curve SE notebook stand

Twelve South has introduced a new stylish and functional Curve SE notebook stand designed to match the modern appearance of clean office spaces and Apple accessories such as the Magic Mouse and Keyboard, making it the ideal partner for MacBook users.

Not only does the Twelve South Curve SE notebook stand have a classy looking appearance, but it is also functional too. The Curve SE comes in a matte white finish and is designed to elevate the MacBook to a position which is more comfortable and ergonomic for the user, relieving neck and shoulder strain during long periods of use.

“Desktop accessories, especially MacBook stands are inherently home decor. They should match your room, your style, your desk and complement (not copy) your MacBook. Our latest solution, while deceptively simple, is a beautiful matte white MacBook stand we call Curve SE,” said Andrew Green, founder & designer at Twelve South comments.

As well as providing an ergonomic workspace for MacBook users, the Twelve South Curve SE notebook stand offers improved airflow under the device, to ensure optimal cooling during intense workloads with its construction from a single piece of sturdy aluminium allowing 70% of the base of the notebook to be exposed. Anti-slip silicone pads and curved arms ensure the device is held firmly in place on the Curve SE stand.

The Twelve South Curve SE notebook stand is available to purchase in the UK now via Amazon, priced at £49.99. The Curve SE stand is also available in black.

KitGuru says: Professional MacBook users will most likely find the Twelve South Curve SE notebook stand pretty useful with its stylish looking design and ergonomic features. What do you guys think of this new notebook stand from Twelve South?

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