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TRENDNet announce the AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system

TRENDNet has introduced a new AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Router system designed to enable high-speed wireless internet access around the entire home or office. Additional AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Routers can be added to the network to expand wireless connectivity in homes or offices with more than 4000 square feet of area.

Included in the kit are two TRENDNet AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Routers, additional AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Routers can be purchased separately and be added to the system at any time to expand the wireless network in larger homes or offices. The system is ideal for replacing older hardware, such as Wi-Fi Routers, extenders or signal boosters that struggle to provide complete wireless coverage of the home or office.

The AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system includes intelligent Wi-Fi Mesh technology that will connect users to the router with the best signal. Wi-Fi roaming technology seamlessly and automatically connects users to the best Wi-Fi Mesh Router as they move around the home or office, to ensure the best possible WI-Fi connection is available all the time. On a busy network, Airtime fairness balances bandwidth resources to improve the performance of the network.


A content filtering service powered by Router Limits allows users to take full control of the internet in their home and choose which websites can be accessed and who can visit different websites. The Router Limits software is pre-installed on the router; however, it does require a subscription fee to take advantage of its features.

Setup of the AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system is a simple process and uses a free mobile app that helps to get it up and running. Using the TRENDNet app-based installation method only takes a few minutes, users simply scan a QR code with their mobile device to begin the process. The TRENDNet AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system (TEW-830MDR2K) is available to purchase in the U.S now, via Amazon and is priced at $249.99, with additional single AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Routers also available separately.

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KitGuru says: The new TRENDNet AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system looks like a good piece of kit for users that struggle with full wireless coverage around the home. What do you guys think of this Mesh Wi-Fi system from TRENDNet?

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